Smart Retail

WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, Wifi+bt+ble combo Modules for IoT, Retail Industry Applications/Products

Integration of wireless technology (Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, NFC) in the Retail segment enables the ability to process payments in a fast, secure, convenient manner at various retail locations, small and large; without the hassle of managing complex wired terminals.

Supply Chain and Logistics industry can also hugely benefit from IoT-enabled devices. Embedding wirelessly connectivity in end-systems can help ease up tasks in diverse applications such as: controlling storage conditions, automating restocking processes, tracing item location, etc. on shelves and in warehouses; monitoring shipment conditions, asset management, fleet tracking, etc. Smart integration of wireless technology in this sector will help reduce complexity and costs, improve reliability and longevity, and provide better traceability.


  • Smart door locks
  • Security cameras
  • iBeacon
  • Smart Sensor for Smoke and Gas Leak
  • Smart Lighting and HVAC
  • Wireless PoS terminals