Smart Insutries

wi-fi & Bt modules for smart manufacturing industry applications/products

Smart manufacturing has been defined as the intelligent, self-contained, digitized, connected manufacturing/production facility that act in real time to meet challenges, demands and conditions in a factory to increase the efficiency and to be as independent as possible. The real-time data from sensors will help to anticipate and prevent issues, maximize quality, measure & manage machines and optimize manufacturing, logistics and other operations.

Smart manufacturing or Smart Factory is one of the concepts in Industry 4.0, the new/fourth generation Industrial revolution. It plays a key role in Digital Transformation meaning to monitor & control any physical device/thing over cloud which is in other term called as Internet of Things. This data is use for analytics and take high level decisions to improve the efficiency. Industrial IoT based sensors, and wearables alert workers in the smart factory to hazards for basic safety and drastically increase their performance in tough environments. Wi2Wi's Wireless connectivity eliminates costly infrastructure development, enables real time data collection and mobility of Industrial IoT devices.

Powerful computers and automation systems have been powering the growth of industrial revolution over the last two decades. Today, these rapidly growing innovation and enhancements have led to a world full of millions of inter-connected devices and closely-networked systems, based on various Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. Continuous real-time collection of huge amounts of data with implementation of machine learning techniques enables these IoT devices & systems to become smarter than ever before. Advanced self-learning algorithms empower these connected systems to greatly improve their own performance and productivity, by studying their own data patterns.

Some applications in Smart manufacturing :

  • Smart Manufacturing, to eliminate defects and increase production yields
  • Smart Warehousing, to help in better organization of goods and improve utilization of space
  • Smart Robotics, to improve performance of automated & robotic systems