Smart Home & Building

Wi-Fi, BT & WiFi+Bt Combo Modules for Smart Home/ Building Automation Applications/Products

In this modern world, technology keeps evolving rapidly. To catch up with this rapid pace of the modern world we need to keep up with the technology which uses Wi-Fi, BLE, BT, Zigbee etc. To pull alongside with the speed we prefer things to happen faster, less time consuming with the help of IoT and things accessible from anywhere and at any time IOT becomes easy. Home is one thing which must be monitored and updated all the time to make it Smart Home since this is the place where we live and needs constant monitoring. With the help of Serial WIFI Transceiver Module methodology which is a cheap and easy way to monitor things this can be achieved. Thanks to Internet of things IOT, Smart homes is not a dream anymore. By having all the things in the home controlled through online life is so much more flexible and the home is so much more updated accessible and Smart with whole lot of data available with Just a click of a button.

Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, 802.11 ac/b/g/n module, BLE, Zigbee and Mesh play a very important role in connecting and collecting data from all the important household nodes like the Smart Air Conditioner, Smart Lockers, Smart geezer, Smart Cooking range, Smart Lighting Control, Smart Chimneys, Smart Thermostats, Smart Weighing Machines, Automatic Garage Doors, Smart Locks, Smart HVAC Etc. Wi2Wi's new breed of MCU Embedded devices which is a Module with MCU, from ME series WC722B00 BLE Module + MCU and WC640 MCU Embedded Dual Band Wireless Module are the best bet for these applications with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wireless technology. It can act like an end node, IOT Gateway, Smart IOT MCU device, application MCU with Wi-Fi for storing and has built in memory and modules with antenna which makes it a complete Standalone System by itself. Along with ME series our MX series and EM series also can be used which have various Wi-Fi module, Zigbee Module along with BLE module, GPS Modules for Smart Home IoT applications and connect the entire house to the virtual world of Internet and IOT.

Some of the systems and subsystems in Smart Homes:

  • Smart Air Conditioner

    Smart Air conditioners have a GUI which can be a touch screen display an IOT device to manage the connectivity and then the MPU to manage and control the whole system , these type of systems will use our MX series Combo modules. Smart thermostats which are smaller control devices will use our ME series devices which are Combo MCU modules and Embedded Wi-Fi modules. A few of our modules can be used along with Cheap Arduino Module Architecture as well.

  • Smart Locks

    Smart locks are an important part of smart homes. These locks can be used for individual rooms and even for the main doors and controller through an app on the mobile phones. Wi2Wi has modules along with similar application demo software where the connectivity happens with Wifi Module Amazon cloud Platform support. These modules use Modules with High Security system arrangement for smart Lockers as well with an SOS option to provide anti-theft protection option. This application requires Low cost Modules with highest level of protection Integration

  • Smart Lighting

    Lights are generally arranged in a MESH network and controlled trough a mobile APP. Wi2Wi has , Embedded WiFi Modules, BT module which supports BLE mesh and also has a solution for Gate way which can convert the BLE mesh to Wi-fi data and can be controller through the cloud. We provide an example app source which can help you develop mood lighting by controlling the RGB colours of the lighting at home.

  • Smart Plugs

    Smart plugs are generally used to have a check on the high-power consuming devices in the home like the Geezers, Ovens, and cooking range appliances. By adding a smart plug which uses a BGN module, you can convert your Existing home appliances into a smart device.

  • Smart Bell

    The home monitoring system has evolved and the Calling Bells in home have become smart bells which use Wifi module with Video transfer capability and wireless modules with high throughput and very high throughput to transfer data collected by the sensors and the camera on the bell to the Internet cloud and the mobile app. Wi2Wi ac/b/g/n modules can be used for these applications.